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Professionally reconditioned and refurbishedlarge appliances of exceptional quality.

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We occasionally get a call from someone to discuss prices of reconditioned appliances and get the response "I can get a new on for that".   Well, yes, that can be the case.  But the chances are what you can get "for the same price" is a budget machine, constructed with the cheapest available parts and materials.  Noisier, flimsy, with basic functionality and usually with basic design and appearance into the bargain.

You walk into your local large appliance store wishing you could buy a Samsung, an LG or a Bosch, but your budget means that you're walking out with something like an Amica, Proline, Bush or the store's own "Basics" or "Essentials" brand that looks like it was built in the third world with nails and garden string.  And, to save cost, "Walking out" with it is exactly what you're going to have to do.  Unless you're looking to pay the supplier to deliver your item, then pay again to get it installed, then pay again to get your old unit disposed of, you're on your own.  Getting a hulking great appliance into, then out of your vehicle, dragging it into your house, pulling out the old appliance, fitting the new one, then getting the old unit out of the house and into your vehicle, off to the dump to queue up to get rid of it.  How much time do you have on your hands?



To list everything we do to every machine would be more detail than most people would ever care about, suffice to say that a reconditioned appliance isn't just something that's been given a wipe over and (If you're lucky) checked to make sure it seems to work OK.  On average, 4-6 man hours goes into reconditioning one of our appliances.  Unlike the risk you take when buying blind from someone selling their old second hand appliance, all our reconditioned equipment includes a 3 month parts and labour warranty with money back guarantee.  For local customers, we offer to extend your parts and labour warranty to a full 12 months for a one off £30 payment at the time of purchase. All appliances are offered with free delivery in RG21, RG22 and RG24 (And some other local areas too). We also offer free disconnection and disposal of your old appliance if required and free installation of your new one.

Professionally reconstructed

Every appliance we sell has been through a minimum 25 point check list that ensures all mechanical items are inspected and replaced as necessary. Door seals are bleach bathed or replaced to remove any staining, all plastics are descaled and all traces of limescale eradicated, drive motors are stripped and cleaned with new brushes fitted.  Dishwasher and washing machine circulation pumps and drain pumps are disassembled, cleaned and de-scaled, wiring, pipes, program modules and every component of the machine are cleaned and checked.  Tumble dryer heating elements are electrically checked and cleaned or replaced, condenser units pressure washed, all airways cleaned and fluff residue removed while the unit is stripped down to its bare chassis.  Cookers are thoroughly cleaned (Meaning that the panels are stripped from the chassis, oven linings removed, hobs are unbolted inspected and cleaned, not just wiped over), heating elements are electrically checked and replaced a necessary. 

Locally in the Basingstoke area, delivery is free, we also offer free installation (Currys will charge you £45 to install a washing machine and £75 to connect a cooker!).  We provide free disposal of your old unit (There goes another £15-£25 charge if you buy new from an appliance store).  Typically, once installed, we will give you a demonstration of the new unit, before providing you with a written 3 month parts & labour guarantee.

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